Monday, February 11, 2008

My very Own Domain

I've finally register my own domain. The existing that I'm using Wordpress, the blog is still on. Still I wanted to write for paid to post, I've to register my own domain to do so. Anything to do with my dogs, I'll write it here at Something Different.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused as I've no choice. I guess later, I'll get my own web hosting too. Easier for me to blog.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Page Rank - Finally

I've finally got 1/10 page rank for this blog. I just feel so happy with it. Never dream that this will happened. I've been working so hard updating my blog till I gave up. Now I've migrated to Wordpress and now back to blogspot after I've purchase my own domain.

I really need to thank my readers for their support especially Jess, who has been supporting my blog. Too bad, I've changed my website link and I also hardly blog on my dog cos I can't paste my video unless I post it to Youtube.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Skin Problem

My Lilo once has a serious skin problem where her fur drops (at her thigh). I keep sending her to the vets for help but no use. Bought her the medical shampoo, apply creams, wash her thigh with iodine & also taking medicine.

I finally give up and feed her with eggs only (daily) with some sugar added. I bath her with some dettol (antiseptic liquid) dilute in water once every two weeks only at her thigh (to kill germs). Thank goodness, there were some effects as I can see some hairs growing. I also feed her with fish oils.

In 2 months later, I can see even more hairs growing. Feeding eggs is good for a dogs who have skin disease which I used to hear. Under no circumstances, I tried and it works. If your dog has skin disease, dropping a lots of fur and medicine is not helping, why not try to feed your dog with eggs (one egg per day only) & see if it helps.

Same goes for Belle where her head has 3 nice beautiful spots, obvious spot!

Sunday, March 4, 2007




Friday, February 16, 2007

Trainings Tips

Is not easy to train a dog especially for those first timer. For basic training, I learn it from Iam Smart Puppy like how to train a dog to sit, stay, wait & etc. I find this site very useful and helped me a lot. In order to train a dog, you must have lots of time & patience which I do not have much....hehehe......I only train them the sit command, crate command, down command & introducing a new puppy.

I do register with them for further advise. When belle turns certain weeks, Iam will send me a mail teaching me some new techniques. Refer this link. This is the site which I mentioned in my earlier post. Take a look & experience yourself.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Maya, My Husky

Today, when I reached home I was thinking why don't I take a peep and see how are my dogs doing. So, I walked into my wet kitchen & I crawled slowly to see. It was dark in the kitchen as I did not switch on my lights (so that my dog won't bark). I suddenly heard a loud bark, Woof......Woof....and then woof woof again.

I paused for a while and asked myself who's dog was that? How come never heard before? Someone got a new dog? It took me quite sometime to realise it was my Maya Barking. This is my first time listening to her bark. Hmm....after all, Husky knows how to guard my house and not like others saying Husky is not a good watch dog......hehehe..........(baby Maya pic).

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Daily Post

I was just clicking & hopefully finding some extra information's on dogs, I came across this website called The Daily Puppy which I find it very interesting. You can see a lots of dogs picture and owners introducing their dogs.

You can also watch some cute puppies doing some mischievous things which I wanted to do so but as of now, I'm still not able to do so because I do not know how. I know Google Video can help to upload & I'm still learning. Hopefully I can it done by end of this month.

Ok, back to daily puppy, check out the cuteness link as it has information on kittens too, Daily Kittens. You can also take a look at the Cutest Thing ever which has lots of cute animals posting and etc.

Next, I will share with you another valuable site.